"The environment acquires the attributes of a place through the fusion of the natural and human order."
René Dubos (1980,110)

Nova Origem Arquitetos is the result of an awareness of the current needs of human beings in the spaces they inhabit, and the connection to their origins, as a path to sustainable architecture. We believe that the relationship and fusion of architecture with nature is one of the main aspects to enhance the well-being, health and emotional comfort of each individual. Preserving our heritage in the natural world and being aware of the solutions to be acquired in construction and rehabilitation can make the difference for a better future. All the work developed by Nova Origem is based on the concept of sustainable Biophilic Design. Biophilic Design derives from the concept of biophilia, the idea that humans have a physical inclination to approach natural systems and processes that are fundamental to their health and productivity. It is a new connection between man and the natural world through the representation and evocation of nature. Environmental characteristics, natural and organic forms, natural patterns and processes, light and space, relations with the place and evolved human relations with nature rise. These are some of the concepts that help us ensure sustainable architecture and a high rating in the certification of green and healthy buildings. Respecting what comes before us and taking care of what we will project together in the world is the first act of sustainability Nova Origem Arquitetos presents itself as a multidisciplinary office, which covers different areas of expertise from sustainable architecture, 3D visualization and energy certification. We seek to respond to today's needs in an innovative and sustainable way, guaranteeing our clients the best architectural and construction solutions.